The 2018 History of Climate Change

This link takes you The New York Times Climate Reporting Recap for 2018 as of Dec 12, 2018. Today, we can not doubt the reality of what has happened to our Earth  since the internal combustion engines was invented in 1860. The conversion of fossil fuels to atmospheric carbon is a  scientific reality that corresponds to the industrial age. Before the 1800’s the atmospheric Carbon level was around 280.  By 1979 it has increased to 336 which you can see at the 2:00 -2:17  point of this 4:17 video.

Anybody who denies climate change needs to look at their personal reasons for doing so, consider their informational sources, and decide what their grandchildren will think of this decision. Denial is the first step toward acceptance because it reinforces all our established beliefs, while ignoring new reality.

Now is the time to become an Earthlobbyist so you can call your elected representatives to accountability. The only people befitting from an ongoing commitment to fossil fuel are the ones who sell it. While we will not eliminate fossil fuel use we can reduce atmospheric carbon by active choices including Carbon Capture and less use of,  or more efficient airplanes.

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