2019 Polar Vortex breaks weather records

You can see what is happening with incredible clarity, so the question is, why do you support ( with your silence)  the continued destruction of our planet?

Here we   see the    University of Maine Climate Reanalyzer  which allows us all to see jet streams, ocean / air temperatures, winds speeds,  snow, the polar vortex and so much more. This is an amazing resource.

“It’s like they’re living through some kind of weather history — everyone else stayed in, and we’re here doing our thing>”

Temperatures in Minneapolis dipped as low as minus 28,  Fargo, N.D., reached minus 33; Milwaukee, minus 20 on January 30, 2019.  In Michigan, a gas company asked customers to use less natural gas to heat their houses after a fire at a compressor station. Emerging research suggests that a warming Arctic is causing changes in the jet stream and pushing polar air down .  As Atmospheric Carbon alters the composition of our planet we will  SUFFER and PAY for the effects of localized extreme weather,  only to wonder why nobody did anything. Now is the time to elect leaders who will vote for our environment before Big Fossil. Now is the time to build solar powered Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) facilities. Now is the time to be an earthlobbyist.

Compiled from The New York Times

The Polar Vortex After Facts:

  1. The difference in temperature that the Chicago region could experience is  73 degrees, from Thursday Jan. 31 morning, when the city saw a low of minus 21, to Monday Feb 4, when it may be 52. “It’s fairly rare to see this much of a turnaround in temperature in this short of time,” said Todd Kluber, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service

The cold air mass that has now moved east is uncommon, only seen about every five or 10 years, Mr. Kluber said. The Midwest’s deep freeze was brought by the polar vortex, a mass of cold air that is normally contained above the North Pole but in recent weeks broke apart, sending a block of icy air toward the United States.

Compiled from the New York Times