Be an Earthlobbyist

To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting .  I, David Carr am a lobbyist for the Earth, and for a future my grandchildren and the seventh generation will inherit. This collage of writing is my art. My art is my witness, my expression and my testimonial from this time and space I occupy as a husband, dad and community member. My art reflects my hope and frustration. My art offers hope and reflection. My art heals the frustration of climate change by planting seeds of hope and global community building.

So much must be done now, as stories of extreme weather dominates all news streams. . We owe environmental stewardship  to our grandchildren.  No generation has had so much responsibility and so little time to act. The  challenge of a carbon negative planet is immense

While camping in Harriman State Park, New York and  hiking to Sam’s Point, the Ice Caves and Verkeerderkill Falls, NY with family and friends,  my sense of urgency and obligation to the future evolved  after reading the August 5, 2018 N.Y. Times magazine “30 Years Ago We Could Have Saved The Planet.”

My resolve was strengthened greatly on December 2,  2018 after reading  “The Insect Apocalypse is Here” The consistent decline of bugs on the earth is  a canary in the coal mine signal which can not be ignored.

Many people are isolated from the scientific truths for many reasons, some by choice, some by a sense of social  necessity. Many people who recognize climate change are fearful to speak in their neighborhoods and social networks because their friends and co-workers will shun them, threaten them or worse Every night we seen another truth in the form of a super storm, a new weather record, a species die off, or rising sea levels. Much is hidden by our preoccupation with daily survival, and consumption of goods and services and small screen infatuations which keep heads town. Now is the time to be carbon negative.

Work with me and  and others to demand representation on decarbonization of the Earth’s atmosphere from all elected representatives. We have the rights of health, common welfare and domestic security granted and protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. It is our inalienable right  and obligation to provide a home for all grandchildren who will live the future . travel to meet people who do not understand, or live in fear of the truths, because complicit silence in not an option in 2018.

One Year Later  ——-    Much HAS happened on the planet since I founded and registered in 2018. There has been more documented severe weather, extreme fires, glacial melting, ocean acidity, permafrost melt, water shortages, and flooding. Talk of Malaria in the USA with flesh eating bacteria and more shark attacks on the Mid Atlantic coast Much has NOT happened in Carbon Reduction due to the will, greed and velocity of the global economy and the international political leaders. The rise in C02, peaked at 411.p.p.m. this summer, the highest in 800,000 years, Much MUST to happen if the earth ad humanity is to escape this fate we have created for our grandchildren with the invention of the Otto internal combustion engine, in 1876 . An Earthlobbyist will meet climate change deniers where they live and vote. The future is a choice but the truth is not negotiable for profits paid with the lives of our grandchildren. #Earthlobbyist is a non-profit founded to educate people and provide the opportunity to make changes in beliefs and behavior. In 2019 we are the stewards of the future. in the pilot house driving the ship into the iceberg that we can see clearly see in front of us. Sincerely, David Carr 8/9/19