Earthlobbyist 2020 Election Platform


6/27/16 2020 Climate Issues Election Platform

While Earthlobbyist David Carr recognizes multiple important issues in a national election besides climate change, there is no issue that has the potential and functional ability to provide so much impact on our domestic society, our economic future or our global community as extreme weather caused by Atmospheric Carbon which causes Oceanic Acidification and species extinction.

In Spring 1977, over thirty-two years ago, Rafe Pomerance and Betsy Agle read Page 66 of EPA-600/7-78-019 where the author, “noted that the continued use of fossil fuels might, within two or three decades, bring about ‘significant and damaging’ changes to the global atmosphere.”

In 2019 and beyond, people will be affected by climate change in the form of disease, loss of property and extreme weather that will cause more damage than any other issue, as evidenced by recent events not limited to wildfires, tornadoes, flooding and storm surges. The inability of the existing property insurance models to compensate and repair escalating damages without extreme premium increases is only one way everybody will be paying.

Based on the facts at hand, EarthLobbyist David Carr offers the following platform for your consideration.

  1. Recommitting to the Paris climate accord and reinforcing the Clean Air Act.
  2. Reestablish the 2015 EPA Clean Power Plan which was repealed on Oct 9, 2017.
  3. Re-establish the 2013 Climate Action Plan to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 17 % below 2005 levels by 2020, achieving a 26% reduction by 2025.
  4. Mandate that federal infrastructure apply human engineering to cool the planet, including captured carbon sequestration to power fuel cell technology.
  5. Increase user efficiency of wind and solar power while reducing fossil fuel dependency.
  6. 100 percent fossil fuel free energy for the national grid by 2035, exempting vehicles.
  7. Clean Air Emissions mandates for vehicles over 8000 lbs exempting trains.
  8. Commercial Airlines to reduce 2019 carbon production by 20% before 2030.
  9. Reforesting national parks and public lands to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.
  10. Reduction of Oceanic Acidification and temperature.
  11. The Pentagon must achieve net zero emissions by 2030.
  12. The Defense Department must implement state of the art microgrids and energy storage technology (not invest in new research) and require their subcontractors to do the same.
  13. Job creation will be created by infrastructure deployment and protecting the frontline communities by raising structures, since no seawall is going to prevent a 16-foot storm surge.
  14. Implement H.R.763 – Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019.

Clean-energy research is not as important as implementation of existing technology, which will provide income to the companies to recover productive past investments while providing real world application for basis for modifications.

After reading “Losing Earth” in August 2018, I founded and established my goal to travel and meet Climate Change Deniers where they live and vote, and identify elected representatives who have failed to vote for climate protection and atmospheric carbon reduction.

Elected representatives who vote against conservation, carbon elimination and against clean energy are threatening everybody who lives here now, and in the future.

Here is a link to the Congressional Record where the search term is climate change

Here we can read about our elected representatives discussing withdraw from the International Paris Climate Accord

Earth Lobbyist members will endorse wise use of our land and resources, identifying factual, non-partisan solutions to climate change that will provide measurable atmospheric carbon reduction in the immediate future.

Here is a link to the Cook Political Report, a non partisan review of the 2020 election . 33 years after publishing its first issue, The Cook Political Report has become known and respected both inside the Beltway and around the country as a preeminent source of non-partisan political analysis that many rely on for accurate political forecasting.

An Earthlobbyist knows the environmental politics of their  representatives. People who elect representatives who vote against conservation, carbon elimination and clean energy  are threatening everybody who lives here now, and in the future.

The Primary Directive of Earthlobbyist is to meet people who deny climate change so we can talk with them about their beliefs, where they live and vote.   An Earthlobbyist can travel to contested legislative districts where we will talk with voters about the urgency of voting for environmental stewardship, for ourselves and our posterity, while experiencing roots causes of climate denial.