First Birthday of #earthlobbbyist

Much HAS happened on the planet since I founded and registered in 2018. There has been more documented severe weather, extreme fires, glacial melting, ocean acidity, permafrost melt, water shortages, and flooding. Talk of Malaria in the USA with flesh eating bacteria and more shark attacks on the Mid Atlantic coast Much has NOT happened in Carbon Reduction due to the will, greed and velocity of the global economy and the international political leaders. The rise in C02, peaked at 411.p.p.m. this summer, the highest in 800,000 years, Much MUST to happen if the earth ad humanity is to escape this fate we have created for our grandchildren with the invention of the Otto internal combustion engine, in 1876 . An Earthlobbyist will meet climate change deniers where they live and vote. The future is a choice but the truth is not negotiable for profits paid with the lives of our grandchildren. #Earthlobbyist is a non-profit founded to educate people and provide the opportunity to make changes in beliefs and behavior. In 2019 we are the stewards of the future. in the pilot house driving the ship into the iceberg that we can see clearly see in front of us. Sincerely, David Carr 8/9/19