Greenland Melting Faster Than Ever Thought . . . . Help.

Jan. 20, 2019 —

“What’s happening today is well beyond the range of what could be expected naturally,” the human fingerprint on Greenland melting today is unequivocal.” The rate of ice loss had tripled since 2007. Scientists estimate the Antarctic melting will contribute six inches to sea-level rise by 2100.

Luke D. Trusel, a glaciologist at Rowan University and an author of last month’s Nature paper on Greenland, said the new research by Dr. Bevis and his colleagues “provides clear and further illustration of how sensitive Greenland now is” to global warming.

“By limiting greenhouse gas emissions we limit warming, and thus also limit how rapidly and intensely Greenland affects our livelihoods through sea-level rise,” Dr. Trusel , added. “That, it seems, is our call to make.”