How Food Contributes to Global Warming


5-1-19 — Read about how what you eat contributes to, or reduces your climate footprint.   While nothing you eat will change the effect of airplanes, natural gas flare offs and the choice of coal over wind, you can feel a little better eating lower on the food chain.

Yes, food does contribute to global warming, so small steps are better than none. I would rather plant more trees, ride my bike more, walk more, advocate for the planet  and continue grilling my summer away. And yes, I do eat lots of cereal, seafood and greens, and brew my own beer. I have an old car and a well insulated home that is highly efficient.

But don’t think  you are really making a difference if you are not contacting the people who vote for atmospheric climate destruction. One electric car will not balance all the SUVs and other vehicles over 8000 lbs that do not go through emissions, or all the idling diesel trucks.

Please consider reaching out to those who suffer from Climate Change Denial Syndrome. You can make a difference.