Support the Work of Earthlobbyist

The Primary Directive of Earthlobbyist is to meet people who deny climate change so we can talk with them about their beliefs, where they live and vote.  which  can be most effectively accomplished by physical travel. An Earthlobbyist will visit  public meetings, coffee-shops, beauty salons, diners, bars, houses of worship, sports events or schools and just talk with people. For this I  seek sponsorship and others who will join me making this same commitment

To be  most effective as an   Earthlobbyist I need your help in the form of an annual membership or donations.

The Primary goal of EarthLobbyist is traveling  to meet climate change deniers where they live and work, then establish new groups of Climate Protection Teams in communities that generally deny climate change for financial or social reasons   Physically meeting people is essential since Climate Change Deniers are generally not exposed to news and information the does not support their beliefs, by their choice or the choice of local media

This requires transportation and lodging. I have  1999 Chevy Blazer with 223,000  miles which I  can commit to the project. I will need reserves to make necessary repairs if needed and pay for places to sleep if I do not find a friendly shelter and sanctuary.

For me to build this team, I need to reduce other income producing activities, yet continue to meet my financial obligations to my family.

For your  $50 a year, I will  provide you with at least one monthly outline of a  professional and polite letter which you can easily and quickly  personalize, then  send via the delivery method of your choice, including fax, U.S. mail, your voice via phone,  and electronic delivery.  I will also provide the contact information of the recipient

When the Critical Mass of membership reaches a viable point I will travel to meet to deliver our personalized communications to selected Districts Denying Climate Change (DDCC), or members of industry. We will discuss  pathways to decarbonization and a sustainable environment, on your behalf.

Hopefully I will be able to live stream these meetings to the group.

I will provide transparent accounting of all money received and expenses incurred using a dedicated KeyBank checking account.  I will earn a professional service fee of $25/hour plus  $3.82 Federal and State tax withholding for my transparently documented activities directly supporting the development and delivery of after Dec 1, 2018

Your donation  will be used to pay for my  economical rail travel,  basic lodging, and personal meals when I go to meet people on your behalf. No bar tabs.

Your donation will be used to maintain an organic web presence on sites deemed appropriate by myself and the membership.

As more people join I will be able to provide transparent allocation of your support.

Transparent Expenditures Are Limited To:

  1. Printing and mailing letters to pro and anti climate industry leaders.
  2. Printing and mailing letters to potential patrons.
  3. Writing letters to newspapers in communities that deny climate change.
  4. Producing postcards to people in communities that deny climate change.
  5. Annual rental ($112) of a small US Post Office Box.
  6. Obtaining addresses then physically mailing materials.
  7. Travelling to communities that deny climate change  would require $100/day plus travel (by train or rent a car), lodging, car rental,  food,  and materials. I would not travel to meet elected representatives of  Districts Denying Climate Change (DDCC) as I believe these residents need to contact their representatives directly. Part of my measurable action in Districts Denying Climate Change (DDCC), beyond education,  would be providing short letters for the resident to sign and me to mail that state “As a voter, I oppose your failure to endorse climate sustainability based on your previous Senate or House voting record. I will not endorse your reelection unless you make a public statement to actively address the removal of atmospheric carbon
  8. Annual maintenance of a dedicated cell phone number.
  9. Research and compilation of to ensure the resource is accurate, authenticated and updated.

Finally your information will never be shared, sold or rented to any organization or person. I will be communicate with you via bcc’d email from a secure platform,  or respond to direct emails, comment box inquiries, letters, or phone calls. You will receive a letter of welcome and my promise to  be an honorable steward of your membership money. I hope to make  a non-profit organization in the near future.

Thank You for your consideration and support.

David Carr, MA, PSCS


You may contact me via  my Northeast Eco-$mart Inc website phone