We Have the Solutions We Need to Fix Climate Change Right Now

In days of anxiety and hopelessness it is essential we focus on converting our feelings into measurable action… By 2030, energy from solar, wind and batteries will cost less than power from existing coal and gas plants almost everywhere in the world.

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As recently as 2014 — a year before the Paris climate agreement — energy  from solar and wind was cheaper than new coal and gas plants in 1 percent of the world. Now solar and wind provides the cheapest sources of new electricity in two-thirds of the world. By 2025 clean energy is expected to provide the cheapest new electricity in the entire world. By 2029 solar and wind electricity will be cheaper nearly everywhere than the electricity that existing fossil fuel plants will be able to provide. SOURCE: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/20/opinion/al-gore-climate-change.html?

The best available technology for pulling carbon dioxide from the air is something called a tree.  Planting additional trees is one of the easiest and most effective ways to remove and reduce greenhouse gases. There’s 400 gigatons of CO2 stored in 3 trillion existing trees.  Planting 1.2 trillion new trees ( 200 per seven billion global citizens) around the world could absorb more carbon than humans create each year. SOURCE> https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-02/ez-pcc021119.php

The Trillion Tree Campaign. Look at this Plant-for-the-Planet site that presents Tree Planting Organizations from all over the world. This way you can easily help to plant trees! No matter when or where you are, it’s never been easier to save the climate and do something good. 

We must remove the bottlenecks to progress by demanding action We must eliminate the denial and get people invested in planting trees The most important ingredient for success is political, The future requires  massive and consistent public and private investments into land restoration. People who have the wealth and ability are called to make this investment

Some USA utilities have announced plans to close their coal burning power plants in favor of cheaper electricity from wind and solar farms connected to ever-cheaper battery storage. It was just was not imaginable five years ago how dramatically clean power and battery storage could beat natural gas.   More corporations, companies, cities, states and provinces have pledged to do the same, making commitments to use 100 percent renewable energy. Many have already reached this goal. Efficiency improvements are slashing battery prices to make electric cars cheaper than gas cars by 2022.

Earthlobbyist predicts battery technology will be soon be available for people to store larger reserves of power to run their more efficient homes, or apartments in multifamily buildings, where ever they are. Imagine attaching solar panels to the front of your building, or placing them on the roof, then plugging all your appliances into an inverter battery that fits in your closet, or under your bed. This technology could power your personal electric heat, hot water, and refrigeration,  

Google is using technology to manage power usage in parts of its data centers. The results of this experiment achieved a 40 percent reduction in the amount of electricity needed for cooling https://www.theverge.com/2016/7/21/12246258/google-deepmind-ai-data-center-cooling

For this to happen USA and Global citizens must vote ( if they can ) to end the mammoth taxpayer-funded subsidies that encourage the continued burning of fossil fuels. We need to place a direct or indirect price on carbon pollution.

Earthlobbyist supports H.R. 7173, the   Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2018. This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code to impose a fee on the carbon content of fuels, including crude oil, natural gas, coal, or any other product derived from those fuels that will be used so as to emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The fee is imposed on the producers or importers of the fuels and is equal to the greenhouse gas content of the fuel multiplied by the carbon fee rate. The rate begins at $15 in 2019, increases by $10 each year, and is subject to further adjustments based on the progress in meeting specified emissions reduction targets.

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H.R. 7173 will establish a trust fund to be known as the ‘Carbon Dividend Trust Fund’, consisting of all collected money after transparent administrative costs (less than 8% the first five years, then less than 2% thereafter). The ‘Carbon Dividend Trust Fund’ will be returned to eligible United Sates Citizens as a carbon dividend payment. (one pro-rata share for each adult and half a pro-rata share for each child under 19) of all amounts available for the month in the Carbon Dividend Trust Fund. This money will offset increased costs which will be passed along by industry, since we all know industry never pays. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/7173

This Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll was conducted online and by telephone July 9-Aug. 5, 2019 among a random national sample of 2,293 adults age 18 and over as well as 629 teenagers ages 13-17.  Question 5a1 (pg. 2) asks  “Do you think human activity is or is not causing changes to the world’s climate, including an increase in average temperature?”

79% of Adults said human activity is causing climate change, while only 19% said No  86% of Teens  said human activity is causing climate change while only 14% said No

Planting trees and issuing Carbon Dividends is not enough when we have the willful, for profit destruction of the Amazon Rainforest Carbon Lung, and other international forest resources, that are being eliminated for production of food or new housing, which must be stopped.

People who destroy the planet for profit are committing Ecocide, the willful and widespread destruction of the environment, a crime against the future of humanity. They must be held accountable for the immediate restoration of our global community. People are responsible when they profit in the form of monetary gain, be it a rancher selling beef in an old rain-forest, or an investor who drives a electric car who also owns mutual funds delivering gains derived from Ecocide

In 1972, Olof Palme initiated the UN environmental conference in Stockholm  the first international conference on environmental damage. This was the first time that the issue of pollution crossing borders was addressed.  In his keynote address to the conference, Palme said:

”The air we breathe is not the property of any one nation – we share it. The big oceans are not divided by national frontiers – they are our common property…In the field of human environment there is no individual future, neither for humans nor for nations. Our future is common. We must share it together. We must shape it together” http://endecocide.se/uncategorized/olof-palme-and-ecocide-law/

Earthlobbyist is confident the majority of registered voters recognize the urgency of our global climate situation.  Concerned citizens must actively work to meet climate change deniers where they live work and vote. As founder of Earthlobbyist, I work to compile and support the daily evolution of our response, or ignorance of climate change.  I attempt to contact elected officials via interactive electronic media. The next stage is to physically meet people displaying Climate Change Denial Syndrome in their communities in the hopes of having respectful conversation.  Meeting people face to face is essential since people who deny climate science are not likely reading material like this.