Glacier melt means less drinking and farm water

We may think of time in moments and memories, yet for the earth, 100 years as a second of a day.  2019 is moment of decision, even though some reading this will not care because their mortal moments are dwindling, or they can not see beyond the blue sky and convenient warmer winter.

Rapid melting of Glaciers means people have less time, maybe only twenty years to prepare for reduction in water for drinking and crops.  Even if greenhouse gas emissions were sharply curtailed immediately, there has already been enough warming to continue shrinking glaciers around the world.

Glacier Melt  affects production of hydroelectricity in every country that has dams.. It leads to disasters like rapid, catastrophic floods and debris flows. It alters rivers and ecosystems, affecting the organisms that inhabit them.

Last year, at the end of the summer melting season, the team drew lines on the stakes marking the height of the ice, as researchers have done here for decades. Now, with the end of the 2019 melting still a couple of months off, parts of the Tuyuksu Glacier were already about three feet thinner.

Now is the time to recognize the problem and remove atmospheric carbon from the atmosphere. Evaporating water is bonding with carbon  makes the air more humid, which will heat your planet faster, like adding water to sauna rocks, except your grandchildren will not be able to leave.

Make a difference now. Vote for Removal of Atmospheric carbon. Elect representatives who are committed to the future, not their special interests, because the only lobbyist for the Earth is You, Me and the rest of us.